Lilla Khoor


Employing varied media, including video, sound, photography and found materials, Lilla Khoor creates site-specific installations, often exploring Hungarian national identity within the wider European context, specifically investigating the status of female identity within these geographies. With a strong research base and a critical approach, Khoor examines how people deal with the mythologies and narratives of history, creating works that both use and alter scientific methodologies.

« In her works, she deals with contemporary manifestations of historical traumas, the system of symbols and their transformations, and issues of multiculturalism in our globalized world. In each case, she examines the malleability of remembrance and representation, thereby exposing the distortedness and also the questionable truth value of political and social contexts. »
Sári Stenczer

(installation detail). 2011-ongoing L Khoor/ W.Potter.  vidéo 41 (detail of a photo series) L.Khoor/ B.Kriza. L.Khoor/ W.Potter L.Khoor/W.Potter A.Artaker/ L.Khoor